The Technology Developments of Dental Implants Making a Difference in Your Mouth

Posted by Dr. Maulik Nanavati on Mar 19, 2019, 9:04:00 AM

The Material Used to Make Dental Implants Might Surprise YouThroughout the years, the dental implant procedure has slowly adjusted from offering two methods of implantation to a common single method. By focusing more research in this area, dental experts have been able to develop better technology for the procedure and simple protocols to avoid issues throughout and after the surgery.

One example where technology played a part was discovery and use of a special titanium post as the implant base. Unlike normal metal, these posts are found to be highly compatible with the human body. And when placed into the jawbone, the post is accepted and quickly heals around the new implant providing a more secure post to hold the artificial crown.


Today, the titanium alloy implant is just about the only implant being used due to their success. They remain strong, even after 10 years or more. To date, there has not been one report of an allergic or reaction of any kind to the metal.


The second example of a growth regarding dental implants is the material used for the crown. The crown material available to dental health providers today is also composed of an impressive collection of technology designed to look and perform like natural teeth without being prone to easy damage.


With the solid post and a beautiful, natural crown, you are looking at a long-term solution to keeping your award-winning smile.


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