Dental Implants Compared to Your Other Choices…You Decide

Posted by Dr. Maulik Nanavati on Apr 2, 2019 9:04:00 AM

 While the goal is for you to have a healthy implant that lasts for years to come, on rare occasion, there may be circumstance that occur that might mean having one replaced.

An example might be if an infection were to develop around the site.

But look at the comparison to other procedure options you can choose. Then you can decide what you and your dentist think is the best option for you. 

An informed decision is always the best decision.


Tooth replacement               Removable            Dentures             Bridge              Implants                               technologies                Partial                 (partial or full)

Longevity                             1-3 years             5-7 years              7-10 years         Lifetime

Preservation of healthy           Yes                        Yes                       No                      Yes                        adjacent teeth

Transmission                adjacent teeth     adj teeth/gums     adjacent teeth     bone                               of force to:

Prevent bone                     No                   No                         No                      Yes
loss & preserve                                                                                                                                   facial appearance

Requirement for              Yes                  Yes                         Yes                     No                           periodic adjustments

Accelerated loss of          Yes                  Yes                         Yes                    No
adjacent teeth

              Source: Premium Tooth Replacement, Deutsche Bank, January 26, 2006


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