How a Good Dental Implant Match is Made to Your Own Teeth

Posted by Dr. Maulik Nanavati on Dec 10, 2018 8:32:00 AM

Will the new tooth match the rest of my teeth? Will it be the same shape, size and color?

These are questions most patients, just like you, have when thinking about getting implants.

Not to worry. You’re going to like the answers and they’re all right here.

Certainly, looking good while receiving dental implants, especially for the front of your mouth, is of utmost importance. While the implant posts are settling in, a custom temporary crown is placed to fill in the spot. The temporary crown also is the blueprint for the final crown.

This allows several of the criteria for success to be worked out ahead of time. This is when the color and shape along with compatibility with the gum tissues and smile line, speech, and biting function are considered. There are many colors and shades available making a perfect match possible for your teeth.

Choice of crown materials, color matching, even the dental laboratory technician — are all mechanical and artistic ingredients that go into the mix before determining a perfect match for your mouth. This takes a special skill and expertise that lead to a good corresponding implant supported crown to adjacent natural teeth.

Implant to implant match…

The picture changes when it comes to placing implants next to implants, in addition to adjacent teeth. The distance between the implants and the shape and size of the implants then become even more critical. This takes extra expertise, and, in fact, it may not be possible to completely regenerate natural looking papillae between the implants relative to the natural teeth. With that said, the difference is often times so small, it is barely noticeable.

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