Yes. More Than One Implant Is Possible

Posted by Dr. Maulik Nanavati on Nov 22, 2018 6:25:00 AM

In some instances, it might be necessary to have more than one implant to replace more than just one tooth.

So, to answer the question if this is possible, the answer is Yes! Although it does depend on the overall health of your mouth.

If your mouth is healthy enough to undergo the procedure, you can have any number of your teeth individually replaced.  Putting a post and a crown to fill in the empty holes where needed.

However, if you’re looking to replace all of your top or bottom teeth, in addition to the normal dentures, implants can be an option for that too. Known as the All-on-4 procedure, this is when an arch of 14 teeth are attached on as little as four implants.

Speak to your dentist to determine the right plan to achieve your desired results and if this is a good choice for you.

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